Friday, December 5, 2014

Successful 2nd Let's Do It! Asia Conference at San Remigio Beach Club

We had our 4-day regional conference last November 27-30, 2014 at San Remigio Beach Club. Delegates and speakers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Estonia, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, USA, and Philippines joined the fun-filled activity with lots of new learning. Same time we found new friends.

We are very thankful for the success of the conference as the Cebu City Government and the Province of Cebu are very supportive.

We got inspired how it started in Estonia last May 2008 and other countries also followed.
Our goal is to clean-up the whole Philippines on September 20, 2015. We are looking for volunteers and leaders in every community, municipality, city, schools to spread the word. We encourage the people in the community to join the one-day clean-up.

We will have our leadership training on January 10-11, 2015. Please join us! Stop throwing your trashes everywhere! Reduce illegal waste! Let's Do It!

Ribbon cutting with Councilor Margot OsmeƱa together with the eco-artists/designers Katrina Delantar of Floreia and Jerrick Macasocol.

Jerrick Macasocol's gown made of spare cuttings of Barong Tagalog and rubber or plastic.

Design of the details are made of rubber or plastic

This one is made from spare cuttings of Barong Tagalog and manually dyed it.

Fashionable accessories or jewelries are made from paper and chip of woods by Floreia.

Cultural Night presented by Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia

Mangrove Planting on a Sunday morning (photo by Elroy Robin)

Group picture of Let's Do It! Philippines

To join this movement please like the Facebook Page Let's Do It! Philippines

To know how this movement started, visit Let's Do It! World

We thank SEED4COM for bringing this movement to the Philippines, San Remigio Municipality for the comfortable accommodation we had at San Remigio Beach Club and to our participating organizations: GVSP, Quota International of Cebu, Go Green Cebu and to our sponsors appeared on the image below.

Here is some of the blog posts from our delegates:


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