Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo for a Cause: Gilutongan Island at Dawn

Dear Readers and Followers,

In the spirit of Christmas, I am asking you to buy this high resolution photo (without watermark) of 'Gilutongan Island at Dawn' in support of the 300 portrait project in Gilutongan Island. Part of the proceeds will go to the printing and framing of the portraits. 1 high resolution photo can accommodate 4 printing and framing of family portraits.

Together with photographer volunteers, we managed to photograph and connected with the people of Gilutongan. Some residents said that it was their first time to have their family portrait taken. Some even said it was their first time to be photographed. What we found out is that family portraits bring people together and make them feel noticed and important. That is what I think the project has brought to the island. It has made a family of the community of the Gilutongan Island. This can cascade to more positive changes in the island.

This photo (without my watermark) can be used as decorations for homes and offices. This can also be used as gifts for Christmas. It is up to you to print it.

Please, if you want to support, please do:
1. Buy this photo (without watermark), I will send the high resolution of this photo to your email address for US$ 50.00

If you cannot buy,

2. sharing this blog will do.

With your loving and kind donation, add color to the basket and frame.


Roxanne Tamayo
0916 323 85 98


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