Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas "Special Project for Special Kids" Project in Camotes by The Kindred Nomads and Natsu of No Colors of Japan

Plaque of Appreciation Received by The Kindred Nomads and Natsu No Colors

Last December 19, 2014, I was part of a volunteer group for the Christmas "Special Gifts for Special Kids" project in Camotes Island by The Kindred Nomads and Natsu No Colors. I am happy to meet my fellow volunteers, new people, the teachers, and the kids in Camotes Island.

The Kindred Nomads Volunteers: Kresia, Angelo, Maria, Liz and Me
Pears in cans and Christmas gifts inside the boxes
Gifts loaded to the van
Group Picture: The Kindred Nomads, Natsu No Colors and volunteers
Danao Port going to Camotes Island

Camotes Island arrival

Please watch the video below to see the 2nd and 3rd activities related to this project.
Jon, Jella with her new wheel chair, and Jella's sister
Natsu of No Colors, The Principal - Mam Mercie, Lyn, Jon and Rohini
Volunteers wrapping up these cute items from Japan
Kawaii and colorful stuff from Japan
Special kids smiling at the camera
The Inhambre brothers and friend, showcasing their talents
Natsu of No Colors with her violin
Kids playing with their wheel toys
School Principal, Mam Mercie with Santa Claus
Gift giving time

Lyn discussing how this solar panel works with Rohini

The kids were diagnosed with multiple disabilities, visual/hearing impairment, polio, autism, cerebral palsy and dysphasia because of malnutrition. Vitamins were distributed to the kids, and the parents were given instructions about the dosage to be given to their kids. No Colors brought all the donation they have collected in Japan.

Photo credits: Yumi Nakayama and by yours truly.

Too many people to mention and this is not made possible without your help:
The Kindred Nomads and Volunteers: Geralyn, Jon, Agnes, Lyz, Danielle, Kresia, Angelo, Liz, Maria, Roxanne
For the solar lights: Patrick and Rohini Deblaise, Intrepid Models Adventures and Friends
Natsu of No Colors and Yumi Nakayama
Friends from Japan
Friends from Cebu who also helped with the wrapping of gifts
The principal, the teachers, the kids, our honorable officials of Camotes Island
Our friends from all over the world for your donations, your time and your love.


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