Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My First Volunteer Work for the 2nd EcoCamp at Gilutongan Island

Just right after my three consecutive months of traveling (here, there and everywhere) and my super duper late graduation in college just few weeks ago, I realized that I need to do something else: it is giving back to the community. On October 25 to 26 was the first time I joined volunteer work, do outreach activity, and to be part of the Island Warrior Trash Heroes.

Kindred Nomads
I just only found the announcement through Facebook and Let's Do It! Philippines. I personally didn't knew everyone but I only coordinated with Dann Diez, Victoria Codilla-Lago, Geralyn Oporto and Maam Niema through Facebook, text and phone call on how to get to the island and for a hitch ride. These people are making their best to push through this movement and help the people on Gilutongan Island. I want to join and help the advocacy.

Feeding session with the locals and kids
This was also an opportunity for me to get disconnected with the internet as working online gives me stress a bit. This is what they called technology detox. I was able to interact with real people and make new friends at the same time. I had not found myself getting glued on iPad the whole time except taking pictures and some videos. I had my other first times here and these were overnight camping by the beach whom I shared a tent with a new friend, yoga session during sunset and sunrise by Yoga Sugbu, and played Frisbee. After dinner, we also bonded for the bonfire session.

Overnight Camping
Yoga Session during Sunset

Yoga Session during Sunrise
SEED4COM, Kindred Nomads, Quota International Cebu, group of friends and individual volunteers gathered once again for the coastal cleanup last October 25-26, 2014 for the 2nd EcoCamp in Gilutongan Island. We arrived on the white sand beach but I am sort of disappointed to see there were still trashes floating and dumped at the beach. I said to myself, this is a lot of work to do. We need more people to volunteer for the next event and we should educate the families living on the island to be responsible with their trashes and wastes.

I have observed that there is no system for waste management. I am just wondering why is this happening when Gilutongan Island is just few minutes away from the mainland? The island is surely accessible if only government officials have the time to visit and imposed sanitary rules on the island. How will the government collect the wastes that are non-biodegradable? How locals will make money out of garbage? I must say that garbage segregation should be in every home. The local community and the government should help together and of course, we, the volunteers are generous to extend our hands for assistance.

Seaweed Farming
Seaweed farming just started on the island and the people are thankful that Kindred Nomads donated P5,000 as an initial help for the out of school youth who will repay back during the harvest season in April 2015 without interest. Mangrove planting didn't push through because it was not feasible to plant in the area. Seagrass planting is an alternative

This is me doing the coastal clean-up

Gilutongan Island
We will have our 3rd EcoCamp on November 22-23, 2014 for a family portrait project and coastal cleanup campaign.

Even though I went there solo, I had a good time and found new friends in return. Volunteer work is off my bucket list but this is something that I should continue to do.


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