Friday, October 17, 2014

Short Trip in Hong Kong and Macau

Before I'll graduate tomorrow, I'll just write a short blog post with my Hong Kong trip from October 12 to 15, 2014. This trip was one year in the making right after my Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip last year. I was able to booked a flight that was really cheap because of Cebu Pacific Air's Piso Fare.

It started on Facebook because it was midnight I was able to find Cebu Pacific Air's announcement so I shared on Facebook if anyone was interested for a Hong Kong trip.

Some friends responded and supposed to be we were eight or nine for this trip. Later, some decided to cancel the trip because of some important matter.

Here are some of the photos, I know I have a lot but these are all I can show for now. :D
Kim, Ethel, Marc, Mark and Me at the Avenue of Stars
Long time exposure during the Symphony of Lights
The Big Bus for our Hong Kong City tour
at the Venetian in Macau
St. Peter's Ruins in Macau
Fireworks at Disneyland Hong Kong
Kim and I missed Ocean Park. I will definitely go back to Hong Kong because there are lots of places to discover. Macau should be a whole day trip as there are several places to visit as well. Filipinos are allowed 14 days as a tourist and I know there will be next time so I'll spend 14 days in Hong Kong if I find another Piso Fare next year. :D


Xanne Shine


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