Monday, October 20, 2014

Better Late Than Never Graduate

It was never my intention to go to the stage last October 18, 2014 for my graduation because I thought I was already a graduate last 2010. I went back to CIT University last July 2014 to get my credentials but I found out that it was not processed that I had to pay for the fees and asked some authorities to sign the clearance all over again. Don't ask why because it's a long story. ;)

with my mom

I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last 2005 until 2008. I was on my third year I decided to quit studies because of financial reason and decided to look for a job. I landed several jobs including working in a call center sometime in 2008, a data entry operator in May 2009 and got an online job in October 2009 as part-time. I quit my data entry job because of health reason and go full-time with my online job for five years already and counting.

With three years of working online, I was really focused on working hard and saving money. It was November 2012 that I started the idea of traveling, my first airplane ride to Manila (side trip to Laguna for Enchanted Kingdom), by the invitation of a high school friend.

the face of a Happy Graduate
The next travel destination which I booked myself due to Cebu Pacific's Piso Fare was in Dumaguete with a side-trip to Siquijor and a bonus trip to Manila for June 2013. I became addicted with the idea of traveling and searching for the cheapest airfare in town that I booked my first international trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for September 2013. I realized why not do out-of-the-country every year?

with Jane
I went back to Manila with friends with a side trip to Batangas for Taal Volcano and Laguna for Enchanted Kingdom last October 2013. Right after the Manila trip, I found another cheap airfare for a flight to Hong Kong with side trip to Macau for October 2014 and it was one year in the making of saving money.

with Jane and Mark
I also had my on-the-spot travel going to Boracay with a side trip to Iloilo and Guimaras Island last May 2014. Last August 2014, I had my Camiguin trip that I tagged along my mom and my sister. There was another on-the-spot trip to Palawan last September 2014 and just recently concluded Hong Kong trip this October. 

Jane's letter and graduation gift

I know I've been so crazy with my travels. In all those years I have my ups and downs, heartaches and being broken, stress and frustrations, and a trip to the hospital but traveling makes me so excited about life and move on.

Jane's prescription for the chocolates
With traveling, these are the things I've learned:

  • smiling to strangers
  • asking for directions
  • being thankful
  • reaching out
  • do my research in advance
  • keeping a budget
  • negotiate
  • being carefree
  • appreciate nature and beautiful things around me
And the list goes on and on and on...

my crazy graduation cake
I am just being thankful that a college friend suggested that I should switch IT to Associate in Computer Technology - 2 before CIT University change their curriculum. I was glad I did it and filed for graduation last 2010 with no intention of going to the stage. Although it was not officially processed, after four years, I think it was a sign that I really had to go to the stage and wore the toga.

I must say, better late than never graduate! I got amazed and surprised with my own experiences. The graduation is unplanned and unexpected. I just felt the excitement of graduation during the practice because of the students around me. I also felt like a student again.

I may don't have the greatest achievement as a student but those life experiences that I have are already accomplishments for me. Until then, I am still looking forward for new crazy challenges and experiences. May be, just may be, a new chapter in life. ;)


Xanne Shine


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