Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Gizmo Internet Solutions

It was last Monday I found something on my news feed about this internet solution being offered with a fast connection. I got curious, clicked on the page about the information then contact the number being posted and decided to like their page at

The image above was the photo I found on their timeline. It was unbelievably fast that I needed them to do a site test here in Naga. It was Thursday afternoon they came to the house and have it tested.

The image below is the series of speed test I did in the afternoon during the installation. I decided to acquire the package on the spot because having a fast internet connection is really needed to my work.

To get the idea of the package I got, I went for the Home Solution which is worth PhP 8,990 for the router/device, PhP 1,500 for the first month usage of the connection and PhP 500 for the site testing fee. They're also offering the pocket wi-fi which is worth PhP 6,990.


The transaction we had was very smooth especially during the payment. I don't have the cash because I admit the package is expensive but I must say worth the investment. I paid the device through credit card with 0% interest with three terms of payment and paid cash for the monthly usage and site testing fee.

No Extra Cables
All you have to do with the wireless router is plugged it to an electrical wall socket. You can easily transfer it to any part of the house if you are looking for a nice signal.

Technical Support
If you have problem with the device, find them at their store located at GIZMO 2nd level Robinson's Cybergate Mall at Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City. You can call them at (032) 505 9368 or text them at 0918 944 4966.

What Made Me Convinced?

The business owner is really confident with his product he is offering to the consumers. The device is brand new with the box having its own IMEI number. It is 100% legit, NTC certified, network and manufacturer supported, etc. The device is 100% brand new with full 1 year warranty.

I am happier with my work and my employer and colleagues are also happy for me. I can now stream music and videos on YouTube while working. I could get back to blogging and hopefully I could upload all the photos when I am not really busy.


  1. Hi, I am also interested in their internet solutions. Just want to ask how is your speed as of now? and your experience with it so far. Thank you

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Sorry for the late response. I just checked the speed now:

      ping 41ms
      download 12.10mbps
      upload 3.81mbs

      October 6, 2014 at 8:12pm

      weather situation - raining at the moment


  2. Hi Rox,

    I'd like to know how consistent is the connection from Gizmo solutions.
    Does the download go below 1mbps?
    Have you experience any disconnections or no connection at all.

    I'm also from Naga, just within Oceanside Village.

  3. Are you a gizmo subscriber? Share daw sa imong experience here




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