Monday, August 18, 2014

Trying Hard Fashionista

I see myself as a t-shirt, short, jeans type of girl and I seldom wear a skirt or a dress. So last Saturday, as I prepared myself going to the city, I could not think of anything to wear. The usual t-shirts and jeans are quite boring already. Then I remember that my aunt gave me loads of clothes from leggings to jeans to skirts to dresses and new blouses.

The mix and match of clothes were on the spot. I just want to be girly and retain the prettiness (LOL). I wanted to wear my pearly headband and realized that I also have a pearl necklace. So I have to match the outfit with a glittery pair of slippers.

It's hard to be a fashionista or I am just a trying hard. It's hard because you have to be up-to-date with the new trends. I am still doubtful with the trying hard though because mom and some friends say that I can wear pretty clothes because I'm slim. But you know, I don't buy a lot of clothes and I'm not too picky of what to wear as long as I am comfortable with it.

Selfie with Jane

I guess I need to include some posts related to fashion or just simply an outfit of the day. Anyway, I seldom posting about this stuff but this is only for the sake of memorabilia. :D


Xanne Shine


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